Wandering Souls [Closed RP @guardianofnewbeginnings] 

Pitch roamed through the woods, the shadows of the trees comforting his wounded pride and his soothing his remaining physical wounds. For the past two months he has been trapped in his lair with his nightmares. It took him two months to manage to regain any form of control-the price? Destroying the last of the nightmares. He’d only just managed to dig his way out of his lair a week ago. He didn’t even have the strength to form new black sand, or repair his battered robe with shadows. He could barely travel through the shadows without feeling faint. Stopping at the edge of the forest he leaned his shoulder against the trunk of a tree. He didn’t dare go any farther. Direct contact with the moons light would probably be enough to render him unconscious. He hissed. “Damn them. “

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The Boogeyman's Lair

My name is Pitch Black, and I am the Boogeyman. Six months ago I attempted to rid myself of The Guardians forever--I was not successful. Now weak, powerless, I am left to deal with the remaining Night-Mares. I do not know how long I will survive, but maybe oblivion should be welcomed.


I am open to any ships. My personal favorites are BlackChristmas and BlackSand, but again, I'm flexible and will ship anything.


I have my own personal timeline that my Pitch goes on, I will however RP with anyone, you are not required to go along with my timeline.


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